Lassie The Vixen

August 1989 - 23rd February 2007

Lassie was my first dog, a rescued crossbreed of Sheltie origin. She introduced me to obedience, agility and flyball, picking up many prizes along the way.

She won out of Beginners in Obedience with her first win in June 1995, we then waited over a year when she won 3 more in quick succession. She competed in the KCJO (Kennel Club Junior Organisation) team obedience competition at Crufts for the north east region in 1993, 1994 and 1995.
She enjoyed agility but she only won 2 rosettes, a 6th in pairs and a 7th in starters, as she hardly ever completed a round without either knocking a pole off or missing a contact.
She loved flyball, and competed at Crufts in 1996. She also appeared on Blue Peter the week after Crufts with the flyball team - I still have the Blue Peter badge!
She also won many prizes at exemption shows for either best crossbreed or best trick.